A Unique Investment Fund in Europe

Diversify and protect your capital

Esfera Seasonal Quant Multistrategy IF offers operations based on the seasonalities of commodities. It is totally decorrelated from equity and fixed income investments, which is why it contributes to a real diversification of portfolios.

Current year return +0,34%

12-month yield +10,79%

36-month yield +6,61%

Return year 2020 +10,79%

Return year 2019 +5,11%

Return year 2018 +4,18%

Data from 05/01/2021  – Finect.com – ISIN: ES0131462097

The leading investment online neobank interviews our management team

Gold, oil and other commodities: how to get the most out of raw materials’, with Víctor Hernández and Gregory Placsintar, team at the Seasonal Quant Multistrategy fund.

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